Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Vendor Review -- Frequent Flyer Productions

So a few days ago I left you hanging and didn't talk about what the ultra-cool Zack dropped off at my house. The reason was because I thought he deserved his own little rave review about our wedding dvd.

Dealing with Frequent Flyer Productions have been no less than excellent to work with. He's fun, energetic, and can be a total fly on the wall. The day of the wedding he made the entire wedding party feel at ease and not even our family noticed he was there and still captured the entire event Once it was time to get down to working on our material, we started talking about music, we gave him ideas of our musical taste but really, with him, you don't need to since he seems to pick the perfect songs for it all!

The final result was nothing short of spectacular! The dvd was like any real movie dvd. The main footage was edited into the story of the day, and the "extras" had separate sections for the ceremony, cake cutting, dancing, speeches, and other fun stuff. Once we popped it in and pressed play, both the hubby and I sat there in awe of how beautiful everything was captured. He used different techniques that really enhanced each moment! It was in simplest terms: PERFECTION!!

Would I recommend him? In a heart beat!

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