Tuesday, June 10, 2008


That's how everything feels this week. Yesterday was the last day of boot camp and I have to admit I was a bit sad. I can't wait till it starts up again next week. On top of that, work has been, well, psychotic and was thrown way too many curve balls. I think one even hit my arm while I was trying to dodge it. It isn't going to stop either, more responsibility, less chance of me shaking things up, and no raise. Not always good but I made a pack with myself to push myself and show them I deserve it!!! We'll see!

On the friends and family front, from Thursday through the weekend it will be C R A Z Y! First is my niece's 8th grade graduation (OMG...), next are both my Dad and Brother's bdays (brother is OLD OLD) and the icing on my cupcake, my best friend's shower is on Saturday and boy will be fun! I can't wait to show photos of everything we planned!

On the personal front, I'm feeling a lot better about myself, physically. On top of the boot camps, I'm running more again (did 17 miles last week). I've lost inches and today, some of the clothes that I thought would be a little tight are super baggy on me! I like where I'm going and I'm patient for my results!

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