Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Four things about the Hubby...

Ok, I was tagged by Linda to do this meme about mr. planner, aka the hubby (I love that, mr. planner!)

1. He is the best rock/paper/scissors player I EVER met. The only time I seem to beat him is when we're on vacation and that's only because he's off his game.

2. While he may appear like Mr. Cool to others, he's super silly when we're alone. It's to the point we have our own weird language and hand signals. (you'd totally think we are 8 years old!)

3. The first thing he ever gave me (two weeks into getting to know each other) was a case of sugar free Red Bull because in passing I mentioned I loved that stuff. Talk about a man who LISTENS!

4. He does the laundry! Since we've been married I've done a total of 5 loads.

Ok, so I'll tag Kelly and An Excited Bride!

1 comment:

Linda said...

I almost called him little mr planner but thought better of it!