Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Love is in Bloom!


Back in February, a few us starting planning our dear friend's bridal shower. We decided we wanted to keep everything under wraps so we kept a secret blog detailing all the neat ideas we came up with. Little by little our theme came alive and this is the end result!

On the way into the clubhouse, we scattered lots of daisies. It smelled sooo good!

To go with the theme, the favors we choose were little pots filled with seeds. We wrapped them up and wrote directions on the back of the sign:

Our centerpieces were all bright colored roses with grass, giving the illusion of them growing! I think they turned out darling! We used pedals and scattered them from on side of the table to the other, like it was a table runner!

Me and BM Patty

We made two other centerpieces for other tables when the guests walk in.

One of the neat things we did was ask all our guests to give some advice to the bride written on a pedal. When they arrived, we placed them in a scrapbook we made for her:

Her cake was lemon cake with white chocolate frosting. It was yummy!

BM K did an amazing job with the bride's rehearsal bouquet!

For the bride, one of the presents we gave her was a towel cake and a just married ornament:

Last but not least, a photo of most of her beautiful BMs and the guest of honor in the center!

Everything turned out great and to see our bride so happy was worth all the hard work! Photos provided by myself and BM Kimmy!

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*~ Jane ~* said...

So super cute!!!! I love all the details!