Friday, June 6, 2008

Pain is Just fear leaving your body... does that mean I'm fearless at the moment?

I just finished the sixth week of boot camp and I'm feeling phenomenal. I've noticed I don't get too sore throughout the week but the last few days, they really wanted to give us the works! I love our instructors and they keep us on our toes! I've noticed such a difference just in these few weeks and can't wait till the next session to start again! The hubby is loving it too. It really has been a bonding experience!

I haven't blogged lately about hour Biggest loser Challenge we've been doing since after the half marathon we did a month ago, we just sorta gave up and focused on other things. I paid more attention to the girl Biggest Loser challenge I have with a few friends and started WW. Overall, I feel a 1000x better than I was 2 months ago. I think by the time our vacation (YEA!!!! 20 days to go!!!) I will feel confident in a bathing suit and not worry about covering the tummy.

How's everyone else doing with their workouts and getting healthy?

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