Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This whole motherhood thing...

Shhhh... don't tell anyone but I actually found a minute today to blog... DURING THE DAY!  KLM is passed out in her glider (I think I tired her out during playtime) and cloth diaper laundry is already going.  To me, this puts me ahead of schedule and I figured lets finally hit up the blog.  I can't even tell you how amazing this summer has been.  For starters it feels like it's lasted a lifetime for me and anything that happened before June feels like a distant memory.  When I was one leave before she came, I went from going stir crazy to being super busy with my pg friends who were due this summer with me.  Now that she is here, I'm consumed with her.  You think to yourself taking care of a little baby who sleeps alot will afford you time to yourself but you are SOOOO wrong.  We thought that and boy were we off in that train of thought.  It wasn't till this week that it's gotten a "little" easier.  Apparently I'm blessed with a very happy and healthy baby who loves to be held or touched in some form or another, AKA you can't put her down.  I can't complain because I love holding her but it is a pain to get anything done.  Usually nothing gets done.  Today is probably a fluke how easy its been to get to nap somewhere not in my arms. 

  The other thing people don't tell you is how much work breastfeeding is.  Yup, I'm blowing the lid off this one.  It is work and you live your life in three hour increments (if you're even that lucky) waiting till she's hungry again.  I won't even talk about the problems that come it like engorment other than to say, OUCH!  But with how hard it is, it is just as good.  I love bf-ing!  I love it because it is KLM time.  I love looking into her little jewel eyes and knowing I'm doing my best to give her the best.  I love knowing what I eat is what she eats.  I love our connection that no one else has right now.  Even during the hardest times of bf-ing, it's been worth it. 

  Now lets talk about cloth diapering... I'm sure my friends thought I was a freak to even consider it but it's been so easy.  Much easier than everyone thinks.  Sure you have to spray down diapers but I read that you should even be doing that with regular diapers.  Washing them isn't hard at all and I love tossing the liners on the clotheline we have while the inserts dry in the dryer.  Oh, any leakage?  NONE!  She had leakage with the disposables but not her cloth, and BOY does she look cute in them!  Totally worth it.  I think if you have a washer and dryer than you should at least consider it.  It isn't for everyone but should always be an option. 

  Sleeping...well, our daughter crashes around 10pm and is out till 8-9am.  Yes she wakes up to eat and diaper change but that's it.  Yes, I'm blessed! 

Overall, this whole motherhood thing has been amazing.  I can't believe it'll be six weeks this Friday.  Life really moves pretty fast, I'm just glad I can stop and look around right now to enjoy it!

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Linda said...

Yeah I've heard life with newborns isn't as easy as it sounds :) But they are so cute so it's easy to forget how hard it is!
I want more pictures!