Monday, August 23, 2010

Training for the SB Half Marathon Week 1 of 12

If I have to train for some silly race I thought was a good idea back in April, I'm going to make you read about my agony!!!

  • SUN Stretch and Strengthen:  DONE
  • MON 3m:  DONE
  • TUE 2m or cross: Did Zumba and went on a walk with 1.5 mile walk with friends
  • WED 3m + S:  Did Yoga, Pilates and even snuck in the 3 mile walk/run
  • THR rest: DONE
  • FRI 30 min cross: Leasure stroll to relax my body
  • SAT 4m: Didn't get a chance to go... to busy with the family.

How do I feel? 

  It felt good to finally go running again.  I missed being on the road and even missed the soreness of it all.  

Anything to note?  Spent the weekend in Laughlin with my family so didn't get to go on my long run.  Also this heat is making it hard to really get out there.  BOOO!

HUH? What does it all mean?
m = mile
cross = cross training

Training guide care of source

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Linda said...

Doing good there lady!