Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sprucing up the place... CSN Preview

  Being home you find yourself staring at everything thinking what needs to be done.  This has been my life the last two months.  Now with a newborn I find myself in the living room more often than not, staring at our dining room furniture.  While I love our set, it desperately needs some help with accessorises.  When the lovely people at CSN offered to help me out, I gladly jumped at the chance to get something for the area.  I decided what I needed was a table runner. I spent hours looking at all the options they had and finally decided upon this one:

It's chic and not to over the top for our dining space.  It might just be the thing to tie everything together for the space.  I'm very excited for it to come and can't wait to see how it looks on our table!

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