Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday Ramblings...

  • I didn't blog yesterday... well, more like I didn't publish anything yesterday.  I wrote two posts but they didn't make sense so I didn't post anything.  Oh well, at least I attempted it so to me that isn't breaking this streak I'm on.  :)
  • I have two more thank you cards to write from last weekend's shower.  Why is it the last few are the hardest to get the motivation to write?
  • So we finally made a HUGE dent on the garage.  After the last few boxes go up in the rafters I can park my car in it.  HOORAY!  It feels so good to have it organized (aside from that set of shelves with random nuts and bolts on it).  
  • We got all of KLM's stuff washed.  All her newborn clothes, all her diapers and wipes.  If she came tmw, she have stuff to wear!  HOORAY!
  • Don't tell anyone but I have this new fascination with getting coffee in the morning at 7-11 now.  It's decaf so don't be all "you shouldn't have coffee."  It's so tasty.  Maybe it's cause I drink it out of a straw?! 
  • Another Wednesday another appt.  This one should be interesting.  Have lots of questions and from what I read, everything is going fine.  Just need to make doc aware of it all.  Not to worry, nothing scary or yucky... just home stretch pg stuff.  Oh the joy.
  • Speaking of home stretch... how CRAZY is it that I'll be full term in 30 days?  WHOA!
  • We're as menacing as Muppet Babies... LOL... love Glee more than words!!!
  • I need to garden... Lettuce is ready to start harvesting.  My tomato bush never grew... boo!
  • May was suppose filled with slow weekends... nope, every weekend is COMPLETELY FILLED AGAIN!  Uggh... Hopefully June will have at least one quiet weekend.  Fingers crossed!


Linda said...

Glee was awesome last night!
I think giving up coffee would be so hard for me if I got pg. I lurve my morning coffee.
I hear ya. May was supposed to be slow for me too, but quickly got busy. Not as crazy as April but not as quiet as I hoped.

dj kosmotronix said...

Hello Miss Planner,

Congrats on your many little accomplishments. I am still cleaning my garage, so you are way ahead of us. Enjoy the coffee--with a straw, little rituals keep it all together.

May your child be blessed,