Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Project 12 - May update #1

Time for updates!
  • Organize the kitchen. UGGH... I have to do this one.  At least the counter tops are clean, but the cupboards... not so much. Maybe next week when our schedules cool down a bit.  :S
  • Take back the garage. We put up more shelves and cleaned out a lot of the stuff we needed to send to Good Will. We have about 4 boxes that we need to put back up in the storage space and then I can park in it!  HOORAY!!!
  • Organize KLM's Room. All done!  There is one shelf that is a little unorganized but everything is easy to find on it.  I think I might have to leave it this way until I figure it out.
  • Side garden area. Haven't touched this area.  I think I might tackle it on Sunday.
  • Organize our schedules. I feel like we are going from one meeting to the next.  Today, we carpooled because there was just no point to wait around for each other if we were going to go to the same places after work.  Schedule is packed but it's all set up on my google calendar.  PHEW!

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dj kosmotronix said...

Jeeez, you're busier than I am. Don't give up, and rest when you need to.