Saturday, May 1, 2010

Project 12 - May

New month, new project. This month is all about organization. Time to simplify your life by cleaning out your closets and drawers, tossing 9 year old bills that you had in the back of the shelves.

  • Organize the kitchen. I hate to admit but my lovely clean panty is not longer lovely and clean. Don't even ask about me about the cabinet near the's where big items get tossed. Time to change all this!

  • Take back the garage. Since the holiday season I haven't been able to park in the garage. This needs to change. It once was nice and clean. Now... not so much.

  • Organize KLM's Room. I have this feeling with all the clothes she's gotten by loved ones, she probably won't wear anything twice. With that being said, she has a TON of clothes and it's time to figure out how to organize that. Her closet is now getting filled with stuff and before she comes I'd feel a lot better knowing things have a place and not just stuffed in there.

  • Side garden area. There is an area on the side of the house where we kinda toss all the gardening tools, dirt, supplies. It's a mess and it needs to change.

  • Organize our schedules. The hubby and I have about a million appts now, either it being doctor appts or fitness classes, work trips or dinners. Time to figure out what we are really doing and not play the game, "what did we just forget to do?"

Do you have any area in your life that needs some organizing?

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