Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Patio redesign...

  So now that the hubby has finally gotten the stain on the concrete, we are THIS CLOSE to when I get to finally do something.  Tonight he has to seal it to give it a shine.  HOORAY!  Before I had these ideas of colors and styles but it's changed.  I finally found some photos of the patio before we even moved in.  Yes, they are screenshots of a video I took during our house inspection so they aren't the best but it's better than nothing. 

  By the photos, you can tell it's a long space.  We're moving the basketball game (it's one of those due shot games you have to make as many baskets before the timer runs out) to run parallel to the end wall.  Things we are adding... Two lounge chairs from Ikea.  One will run along the wall of the house and act as a couch with lots of pillows to lean on.  the other will run perpendicular to make it look L-shaped.

Then we bought two of these chairs, again, Ikea.  These will just fill our the space to make it more of a seating area. We bought two end tables that will be used in the middle as a coffee table, easy to move and clean.  We have one planter but I think we might need a few more to spruce up the space and not make it look so empty.

  We also have a bookcase that we used to use for our wine until we got actual wine shelves.  We are going to use these outside and for now put our weights and when KLM gets bigger, we will use it as storage for her outdoor toys.  You know me, things must have their place.  It will also be nice to have a space to put my laundry basket while I hook clothes up the the line (which is out here too but that will have to be another post on how we did it without taking up more space).  I'm not one for too many things but I think it needs more.  I still want to make more cozy so I'm on the hunt for more inspiration. 

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Linda said...

Cannot wait for the finished product! Love the chairs you choose. Excellent choice!