Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thinking about some changes

Finally back from a little mini vacay with the hubby and the puppies, I finally came clean that I was really thinking about changing things up, job wise. No, I'm not quitting, but I'm really thinking about trying out something new, floral design. I know, sounds a bit cheesy and lame but honestly, nothing makes me happier than a playing with a few flowers.

Now, I know I can't just go to a strip mall, sign a lease and put a up sign: Little miss Planner's Floral Design, because A, that's too long of a name, and 2, I really need to learn more about the art of floral design and arrangement. So, for valentine's day, I asked for two books on the subject... oh and some flowers for the dinner table! ;)

Ever want to completely change your professional life and do something totally different?

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Linda said...

All the time. I really want to work at a library or book store. Tai's not a fan of the book store. I would take a pay cut (not something we could afford right now). I've applied for jobs at the library but nothing's panned out yet. My ultimate dream would be a librarian, but I would have get my master's in library science. Too expensive right now. Sigh! But that's something I day dream about when it's slow at work!