Sunday, February 8, 2009

Things to do before Mar 09 --Update #1

1. Work out 15 times at the gym 3 times
2. Go out for 5 runs outside nada
3. Cook dinner 15 times 6 yummy meals
4. Finish organizing all the closets All closets DONE...moving onto drawers (Yes, I can be a bit OCD at times)
5. Start a craft project thinking about two different ones, not sure which one to do...
6. Work out 4 times during work hours not yet
7. Finish Puerto Rico/Cruise album don't rush me...
8. Set up sewing machine Sewing machine is now inside and sitting at its new home
9. Take one new fitness class a week 1 down
10. Read two books still stuck on Glass Castle but did thumb threw two cook books today
11. Lose 2 lbs. not telling till end of month
12. Save 100$ on grocery bills on track

How am I doing? I'm feeling really good so far with this month. I don't have any major challenges on the list but think I can accomplish all of these. It felt SOOO good to finish organizing all my closets. I know that sounds weird but we've gotten a little lazy tossing towels into cupboards and not really making them nice. Same goes for many other things. We even found a left over box from our move (that happened 1.5 years ago). I now want to tackle the two drawers in our kitchen (you know, everyone has that one or two drawers that everything gets tossed into) and our bathroom drawers... UGGH. As for the working out, let's put it this way, my back muscles are extremely sore from a overly chipper pilates instructor. ;)

How's this month going for you?

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