Sunday, February 15, 2009

Things to do before Mar 09 --Update #2

1. Work out 15 times at the gym 3 times, Seriously... MUST GO!!!
2. Go out for 5 runs outside nada
3. Cook dinner 15 times 10 yummy meals
4. Finish organizing all the closets All closets DONE...moving onto drawers (Yes, I can be a bit OCD at times)
5. Start a craft project Created a table runner for Game night
6. Work out 4 times during work hours not yet
7. Finish Puerto Rico/Cruise album don't rush me...
8. Set up sewing machine Done
9. Take one new fitness class a week 1 down
10. Read two books still stuck on Glass Castle
11. Lose 2 lbs. not telling till end of month
12. Save 100$ on grocery bills 99$ so far!

How am I doing? So I am apparently sucking at working out and well, the scale is not my fried. I have less than two weeks to really cross those items off my list. I am going to make it a point to add events to my calendar and just make time for me to do this. I also decided to sign up for my first running event since October so now I REALLY will have to start running. Uggh. Am I happy with my results... what results! Little miss Planner really needs to STEP IT UP!

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