Monday, February 16, 2009

amazon is the greatest site ever...

In the midst of last night's conversation in my head about whether or not I should attempt to pursue another field, I realized I needed to stop arguing with myself and just look into it. I figured spending 50$ on a few books to understand it more wouldn't hurt and if I didn't like it at least I could learn something so I can use those techniques at home. I really do love learning random skills. Anyhow, I bought three books from Amazon:

Teach Yourself Flower Arranging

Complete Guide To Flower Arranging

Art of Floral Arranging, The: Learning from the Master Florists at Flower School New York

When I did a search, I didn't realize how many books were out there. There were even books about how to open up your own shop. Let's see where this road leads.

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Rose Ayoub said...

Linda, this is great! I know you have vaguely brought up this subject before. I really had no idea that you were still thinking about it. That is awesome! Is flower arranging a passion of yours? You know me, I am a 200% supporter of following your passion. I am so proud of you and definitely want to hear about it some more. Ordering books from Amazon and just reading up on it is the best start! Oh, and I love amazon too - for everything!