Monday, December 1, 2008

so how was it?

We are finally back from our trip and while the camera is dead and the photos are half uploaded to the computer, I figured I'd do a quick recap of the trip.

Day 0: flight canceled-- bumped to the next day flight

Day 1: flight was okay... landed and Costa Rica = GREEN!!! waited 3 hours for our flight to Arenal... when we got there it was rainy... no biggie cause our our hotel was sweet!

Day 2: Did a real life Jungle cruise: Cano Negro Tour. Saw monkeys and sloths, caymen, tons of birds and the Jesus Christ lizard (runs on water). Had dinner in town (quickly realizing Costa Rica is NOT a food destination!!!) Bought my new favorite cap.

Day 3: Did the Hanging Bridges Tour. Rained TONS!!! super cool though!!!

Day 4: Leaving Arenal without seeing the volcano! Half of Costa Rica is flooded because of a bad storm that came through. Flew back to San Jose to barely catch our flight to Tamarindo. Once in Tamarindo, see the sun again and was welcome with open mouths by TONS of mosquitoes.

Day 5: Happy Turkey Day: Did a snorkeling tour and within 5 minutes I was stung (on my arm) by a mysterious tentacle floating in the water. Guide later tells everyone this is normal and doesn't know where all the mysterious tentacles come from. I proceed to swim with arms tucked around me. Saw sharks, sting rays, tons of fish, star fish, and played volleyball with a few puffer fish! Upon getting out of the unusually cold water (guide couldn't even handle it) I get stung again on my leg. Go back to room to find construction going on RIGHT next to our room. Lucky us! Complained and they stopped for 30 minutes. Had a thanksgiving day feast on the beach. Soo yummy!

Day 6: Breakfast,then walk on the beach to the village to get some pampering. The hubby got a massage, I got a coffee/sugar exfoliation! Sooo nice! Found a new favorite lunch spot! Dinner was a beach BBQ with folkora dancing! Really neat!

Day 7: Time to check out. Construction still going on and now we think they hit a sewer pipe. Bathroom has a bad smell to it because of the bathroom window left open. Complain and nothing is done. Leave and have our last lunch at our favorite restaurant in the village before heading to the non-airport airport. Tamarindo to Liberia to San Jose. Finally get to Marriott. AWW... nice! Quickly ran to the gift shop to buy coffee and misc souvenirs at a jacked-up price and go back to room to order room service. :) Room is at the end of the ENTIRE hotel. No view (which was requested months ago) and could hear everything. Barely slept.

Day 8: Woke up from our little sleep and checked out. Upon complaining, hotel desk man tells me this is what is charged. Uggh. Grab the shuttle and head to airport. Wait an hour and finally check in... to totally different seats on first flight. :( Upon arriving in San Salvador, we grab a bite and head to our next flight. Arrive at LAX at 1pm and out of customs and with our bags by 128. A friend picked us up with the puppies at 130... SOOO HAPPY to be home!

So what did I think about the trip. We had lots of fun... just had some issues. Would we go back,YES! In fact, we want to try to go back Next year! :) You loved Costa Rica... and oh, I think I even might have lost a pound!

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