Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Checking my this year's to do list

So far, I've pretty happy with the amount of things I've done this year... I've completed 14 of the 17 things. The ones I didn't do, will get bumped to next year.

To Do List before 2009
1. Join a boot camp--DONE
2. Paint the guest bedroom --Done
3. Travel to Central/South America--Done
4. Cycle 2000 miles -- 44 miles complete (need to ride more!!!)
5. Complete 4 half marathons --DONE (did 6)
6. Organize Closet --DONE
7. Set up wireless network in the house --DONE
8. Do one triathlon
9. Blog more frequently--Currently Doing!
10. Find out what a set of good abs look on me! ;) --not even close
11. Get the Holga up and running
12. Workout at least 10 times a month for 3 straight months! --DONE
13. Cook at least two meals at home a week --DONE
14. Start taking lunch to work. --DONE
15. Get a baby brother for bruno! --DONE
16. Finish all wedding related tasks --DONE DONE DONE!
17. Run 300 miles -- 295 miles complete

At the moment I'm putting my 17 things to do in 2009. At the moment it isn't that exciting but things I always needed or wanted to do. How did you fare for this year? What things have you always wanted to do and have yet to do? I need help with some suggestions for my list! ;)

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Linda said...

I did my 41 things to do before 40 list last night. It'll be Monday's post, so check out my list for inspiration :)