Friday, August 8, 2008

What's for dinner?

Have I ever mentioned HOW MUCH I LOVE THE OLYMPICS? I watch it all. From basketball to archery. What ever sport is played I'm a vested individual on how our team is panning out. I think a lot this has to do with the 1984 games back in LA. I was 5.5 years old and my oldest brother volunteered so he was a part of it all. I went to about 15 different events and just thought it was amazing seeing so many countries playing together. Because of that, it always gave me hope that one day we could all just get along with each other and just have fun. I know, sounds naive but still gives me hope.

Anyhow, in an effort to stay home and enjoy the Opening Ceremony tonight I decided to cook dinner. What are we grubbing on? BBQ meatballs. I made the turkey meatballs last night and threw them into the crock-pot with homemade bbq sauce. In the middle of the night, I got up for some water and the WHOLE house smelled sooo good. This morning it was soo strong and while I was jones-ing for one, I opted for my Chex cereal. Now, we figured we'd do BBQ meatball sandwiches... but we need some sort of a side. Mac and Cheese? Corn on the cob? Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated! :)

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