Tuesday, August 5, 2008

That's amore...

I can't wait to tell you about how good of a time and how beautiful that wedding we went to last weekend. Being around all my friends really had a good affect on me and I feel more like my old self than that lesser version I've been in the last month.

Onto the show....

Seven bridesmaids!

TEN groomsmen!!!

One bride + two father figures!

Me and BM Kim

Most of the Junior Clan back together again!

The amazing centerpieces

The Bride and her party crew

Isn't she stunning?!

Yummy Cake!

The Happy Couple

The Hubby and me!

~~photos courtesy of BM Kim, Frank, and yours truly!~~


Linda said...

Some of your pics aren't showing :(

Linda said...

OOPS... all fixed!!!!