Monday, August 25, 2008

Friendly Competition...

Yes, my friends, I've joined another challenge. After the last 7 weeks I've thrown almost all healthy habits to the side (the last two weeks I've been trying to do better but still... not as well as before) and I've realized this is not a way to live a healthy life. My buddies started another challenge where you get points for different activities and misc things you do. While at first it seems a bit daunting but now looking at how you can earn points, I feel like I can really rise up to be a competitor for medal position. (Okay, you don't get medals, you get prizes but the Olympics ended and it just sounds better)

I looks like this challenge ends the day before our Costa Rica Trip which is perfect!!! I'm truly excited and will start posting how it goes!

I do want to set a personal goal for me. To do some form of exerise everyday. It could be a half hour walk with the dogs to all out workouts. Wish me luck! ;P

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