Thursday, August 28, 2008

Not trying to miss the point of it all...

Coming up to the last real weekend of the summer, I must say that this summer has really been dozy. From losing someone really close to us, having the most fantastic vacation with my best friends, watching my beautiful friend marry her BFF, running in SD with my fellow rebel child, and even relaxing by the pool, so much has happened that you feel like you were jolted out of your chair and woke up. Before the summer started, I really disliked my job. Now, the job has changed and work-life is better. Before the summer started, I just went through the motions of our daily lives, always focusing at the end result of it all. This summer with all the horrible-ness and greatness really made me wake up again.

Thanks Matt for pointing out this video!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Enjoy every minute of it and relish the time y'all have to spend with each other!

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