Thursday, August 7, 2008


I just made a VERY important decision.

I decided I need to quit drinking caffeine. For REAL this time. I know I know I've stated before how I gave it up... but each time I was back in the coffee area at the office within 72 hours. But I'm talking for reals this time!

And since my addiction is soo strong (4 cups of coffee...really is that bad?) I decided I will have to set an end date. (OMG... i can't believe I'm planning how I'm quiting my favorite tasty drink!) I think I will quit on November 1. This gives me all of October so I can start weening myself off it. What about September and the rest of August you say? Did I mention it is my FAVORITE tasty drink?!?!

you think I can do it?


Laura said...

I think you can totally do it if you replace it with something, like decaf or maybe herbal tea or something. But if you're giving yourself till November to start, I would strongly recommend trying to cut back slowly before November... otherwise you are in for some unpleasant withdrawal symptoms if you do it cold turkey!!

Linda said...

I think you can do it. You seem like a motivated person!
Are you just giving up coffee or all caffeine items like soda too?

Linda said...

oh tag!

Linda said...

I'm giving up ALL caffeine...and in a way, I don't drink much soda, maybe 1 or so a month. And I do like my ice tea once in a blue moon, I can give that up too in a pinch. It's the coffee that is going to just suck the living soul out of me... at least if I don't ween myself off it first! :)