Thursday, August 21, 2008

Friendly Motivation...

Last weekend during the America's Finest City Half Marathon, we saw two women running with shirts that said "Amy made me do it" and "Mary made me do it." BM Kim and I let out a chuckle and said how we needed shirts for our next half in the fall.

So we made a cute design...

And on the back, the shirts had different slogans. This seems like a fun little thing to make it more exciting! Some of the slogans are:
It's all about the medal!
How does my butt look from back there?
Half the distance, twice the fun!
Running is a mental sport and we're all insane!

(Sidenote: "Junior Clan" was a nickname we were given by some friends of ours who were older class men during HS and it sorta stuck. Now twelve years later, we still call ourselves that.)

With all of us living so far away from each other, it's the little things like this or emailing/IM-ing each other to keep the motivation going that pushes us past each finish line. While none of us are true runners by definition, we still do try to give it are all out there on the pavement and have a little fun!

Anyone got any ideas of other fun slogans? Remember, we aren't fast so things like: "you just got passed by a chick" wouldn't really work for us! :P

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