Thursday, November 29, 2007


From the beginning of planning once we picked our venue, I was worried about the weather. I knew that it was the one thing out of my hands and it would play a HUGE part on our reception. When the time came to checking the weather, I became obsessed with weather websites. I checked 10 times a day, blogged about how it changed from one site to the next. But in the end it didn't matter, I still couldn't control the weather.

The morning of the wedding, I stood by the door of the salon with my hair all in curls, watching the rain drizzle down on the streets. By the time I got the church, I waiting in the limo because the rain didn't want to let up. After the vows were said, and I kissed my husband for the first time, we walked out to beautiful grey skies and the rain finally let up.

With this chance to finally go take photos, we threw our bridal party into the limo and headed over to Channel Islands State University to take some photos and the colors were just soo vibrant! After we were done, we went back for our bridal party lunch and waited till it was time to go to the reception. By this time, the rain found us and blessed us with more of it.

On the trolley ride, my new husband's tux got drenched with dirty muddy water from the side of the trolley and while I thought I would freak out, I laughed. We got off the trolley with our guests under their own umbrellas and under anything else that looked like refuge while I waltzed around without a care in the world. By the time it was dinner, the drizzling subsided and we took our slightly wet chairs and started to have a great time.

By the time it was our first dance, I looked up and noticed the stars came out to join us. Throughout such a emotional day, the rain blessed us and made it so very memorable! Now if I could go back to change it, would I want it differently?

Not in a million years!

**photo of me and a few of the groomsmen and was taken by one of my BMs Kim!

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