Thursday, November 15, 2007

Season Greetings in the mailbox...

The hubby has mentioned on more than a few occasions that after we got married he wanted to send Holiday cards out to people. Now it's that time of the year, he got all excited when he saw a box of them at Costco (of course) and wanted to get them. :| Stunned, I figured all this time he wanted to send out photo cards. I mentioned this and he got more excited than felt a little down since he didn't have addresses to people. HELLO! We have every one's address we'd send a card to... from the wedding!

Now in my search to find the best deal for photo cards, Costco has 5X6 cards in a box of 50 for 15.99$. (Also a great deal if you wanted to use them for Save the Dates!!!) Talk about amazing. I also found great deals at depending on how many who want to send out! Because we wanted to use photos from the wedding on our thank you cards I thought it would be weird to use them again for this, so I'm thinking perhaps a mini photo session at the beach with our trusty Sony Digital camera and it's awesome 10 second timer, I'm sure we can get a great shot of us! Now I just have to figure out what to wear!

I'm really excited about this, for the first time I'll be sending out cards, and it will be with my new formed family! Oh the little things in life make me SO happy!

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