Friday, November 9, 2007

Total counts...

Something I did right was give a lower count than what we expected to the caterers. Below are our final counts:
Sent out 100 invitations...

* 80... RSVPs received
* 20.. RSVPs AWOL
* 126...Yeses
* 140... TOTAL Yeses (from RSVPs or just told us)
* 2... unknowns
* 15....Nos
* 31... Nos (from RSVPs or just told us)

What was the real number who finally came? 130. There was about 10 people who RSVPed yes that didn't show up. Some I knew wouldn't make it cause of the fires in the area, others I have to admit I was a bit surprised about.

In the end, we ended up paying for 1 extra meal! :) Not too shabby!

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