Thursday, November 15, 2007

The honeymoon

Lots of couples out there have SO much on their plate when they are planning a wedding. Some buy houses, some move in together, some change career paths. They do a lot and many people wonder why most engaged couples look stressed out like you wouldn't believe. Well, on top of all that, many plan to take a trip after the vows have been said and the party has died down. This little trip is the honeymoon.

We started thinking of going to one place and ended up somewhere completely different. Somewhere exotic and SO out of our comfort zone. Because we did that, we had the trip of a lifetime. We went to Singapore and swam with sharks that were bigger than me where I even got to hold a few in my arms while strangers took photos of me doing so! We fed sting rays (and if you've been a faithful reader, you know how much I HATE them). We let bats hang from our hands. Stood at the bottom of the southern-most point of Continental Asia. Swam in the Indian Ocean. Had a 2.5 hour Ayurveda - Chakra Dhara Massage, followed by another 6 hours of pampering at a Spa. Rode an elephant. Cycled through rice fields and rafted down a raging river. We laid out at the resort and even played water basketball. We did everything and nothing in a matter of 10 days and I am SO happy we did so.

Here are some photos I just had to share:

Tip of Asian Continent


The hubby cycling through a village

Me and a 60 year old turtle

Us and our guide and our elephant Ollie!

Balinese Dancers

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