Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July weekly post 2

  Okay okay, I haven't done daily posts but this week I will.  Pinky swear!  As a recap, I have to say although there were a few snafu's like In-n-Out (grilled cheese please!) and a piece of fudge I was overall good.  I made healthy choices and stayed on track with working out!  Like so on track I'm contemplating ordering Insanity work out routines to add to my day.  I think also having my niece stay with us a while has really helped me stay on track.  I want to promote healthy eating and munching on something at 9pm really doesn't do it. 

  So results wise, I lost another 2.6 lbs.  So close to pre-pregnancy weight.  I know I have to lose another 10 lbs though to fit back into most of my clothes.  Things got a little --uhh-- moved around so while I might be close to that weight, body isn't.  On the foot note, I finally got to see a doctor.  I'm PRAYING the insert he glued onto my foot (hello horseshoe!) will help.  I hope to start running by August again.  In the meantime I'm going to find an alternative. 

Let's look to see what's on the lists for this week shall we?

Lunch menu:
  • Monday: leftovers (sweet/sour turkey meatballs with cauliflower rice and quinoa)
  • Tuesday: garlic spinach/apple/goat cheese spread on sandwich thins with carrots, string cheese
  • Wednesday:  garlic spinach/apple/goat cheese spread on sandwich thins with carrots, string cheese (it was that good i need more)
  • Thursday:  artichoke/turkey sandwich with sun dried tomatoes and berry protein smoothie
  • Friday:  PB & J sandwich and berry protein smoothie
  • Saturday: out Stonefire Grill anyone?
  • Sunday:  out

Dinner Menu:
  • Monday: pasta casserole with cherry tomato marinera & turkey meat
  • Tuesday:  creamy chicken taquitos
  • Wednesday: pork chops
  • Thursday:  chinese chicken salad
  • Friday:  hawaiian nachos
  • Saturday: eat out?
  • Sunday: eat out?

Workout schedule:
  • Monday: 30 day shred/8 minute abs
  • Tuesday: 30 day shred/8 minute abs, Personal Training session for assessment (groupon!)
  • Wednesday:  30 day shred/8 minute abs, walk
  • Thursday: 30 day shred/8 minute abs: Boxing class, workout class (6am...EEK!)
  • Friday: 30 day shred/8 minute abs
  • Saturday: 30 day shred/8 minute abs,  Zumba
  • Sunday: 30 day shred/8 minute abs, 10 mile bike ride (if my new bike shoes come in time)

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