Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Random afternoon thoughts

  • i've been eating a grapefruit like an orange these days. It's bitter but I sorta like it like this

  • my new favorite thing in the world is bubble tea. I found a place near my house that sells it. we're addicted.

  • i haven't done a lick of exercise this week. i blame the weather.

  • actually the real reason is cause i'm lazy...

  • looks like ths weekend i will finally go on a picnic.

  • i will also be driving about 5 hours to get to said picnic spot.

  • i need to go to the grocery store. must buy jicama, butter lettuce, sprouts for lettuce wraps for dinner

  • also need to stop by Michaels and get red, green, and yellow food coloring

  • the hubby has finally gotten the hang of gardening. he's now constantly tending to the cherry tomato bush that took over half the garden. the other half has been taken over by the spaghetti squash

  • i'm not a happy camper with this heat. i shouldn't talk because it is cool compared to last year. and because i even brought this up, my guess is that we will now break heat records.
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    Linda said...

    I love bubble tea. So yummy!