Monday, February 27, 2012

Just another manic monday...

So another post done via iPad. Kinda weird to post from here but hey, when I finally sit at the computer these days I'm working and don't get to take time to blog. Blogging comes at the wee hours of the day.

This past week had some great ups and downs. I went on walks with the my little girls (high) which resulted in some pain (down). We got to see my mom who is doing a million times better (yay for road to recovery) and my grandma and aunt. They got to hold kupcake 2.0 which made my month! We finally stocked up on groceries so now I really have to start cooking again. I'm relishing the last few days on the month before I start working out (thankful it's lap yea, one extra day to prolong it).

Now onto things I'm excited about this week:

- cool weather (it's been spring/summer here, somehow I missed the memo that there wasn't going to be a winter)
- making it a priority to take the girls on 4 walks this week. Going to make them easier walks since I don't want to hurt myself more.
- dinners for the week:
- spaghetti, pot stickers, BBQ chicken, meatless meat tacos, fish
- playdateS with our birth group. Excited to see the little boys and their parents
- gymnastics class and gymboree for kupcake 1.0. She loves it!
- dinner with old room mate and his family. Excited to meet his daughter!
- finally working out again!

I'm sure there's more but I can't remember. Is it just me or did this month go by uber fast?

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