Sunday, April 15, 2012

Making myself accountable

So there I am, sitting on the floor with a pair of very groovy jeans with the realization if I ever want to fit into them again I need to really start paying attention to what I eat. It isn't like I chocolate all day and never get off the couch, it's quite the opposite in fact but when your nursing and running around a toddler, you forget to eat. So here I am, back to tracking my food intake to make sure I do eat reasonably again and even track my exercise. Something that I'm happy to say I'm finally getting beck out there. Last week I walked 14 miles and did Bikram yoga! Now, let's plan for this week, shall we?!

Sunday: dinner with the birth families
Monday: balsamic chicken and sautéed squash
Tuesday: BBQed pizza (mushroom) and salad (reminder to go walk to get salad)
Wednesday: taco salad
Thursday: tamales
Friday: food truck night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saturday: pork roast with veggies (YUM!!!!)

Now to plan my exercise routine:

Sunday: running 3 miles
Monday: walk 4 miles and Bikram yoga
Tuedaay: walk 5 miles and weight lift
Wednesday: walk 3 miles and Bikram
Thursday: rest (actually moving stuff)
Friday: walk 4 miles and weight lift
Saturday: rest (big event and then SPA day with my momma)

Phew, I'm going to be beat! But all in all, I think this is pretty easy to accomplish, if I can remember it (hence me writing it all down).

I'm excited for the week, lots to look forward to like movie with my birth mommas, new paint and carpet in our guest room, great cloth diaper change event I'm co-hosting, and lots of spa treatments! I can't wait to tell you hoe real or unreal these weekly goals will be. I'm crazy busy with business appts on top of it all but I know by the weekend I'll be done with the majority of it all.

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