Friday, February 17, 2012

Miss me?

Well, I'm back and ready to start blogging again. Lots of happened since I last checked in and now ready to start writing more. The biggest thing is the birth of our second daughter, cupcake 2.0. She was born a few weeks ago and perfect, just like her sister. Her birth was absolutely perfect and finally got my med free natural birth I wanted. So proud to say I did it! She's laying in front of me, being a patient little girl.

Now I find myself,cgi ally feeling like I can workout again, something that I couldn't do since I had some complications with the pregnancy. I'm excited to get myself back in fighting shape. I'm excited to start cooking healthy again. I'm excited to start running and gardening and just be me. I'm just excited for this year.

Time to make my yearly list of things to do before 2013:
1. Run 3+ half marathons
2. Do one triathlon
3. Travel somewhere new
4. Get garden up and going
5. Finish wall in garden
6. Finish converting side patio into play area (clean up random stuff)
7. Make a big dent in car loan
8. Lose baby weight plus a little extra.
9. Fit into cruise shorts
10. Go two weeks without sugary desserts
11. Blog at least 1x a week till summer
12. Sign up for 5 races
13. Finish one race with a 11 minute mile (I'm a turtle, not the hare)
14. read hunger games finally before the movie
15. Run/walk 100 miles in one month
16. Get bike going
17. Do MS ride in my area
18. Make one new meal a week
19. eBay old handbags I will never use again
20. Read peaceful warrior again
21. Enjoy life (currently doing)

Yup, that's about it. It's basically centered around gardening and getting back in shape and get healthy. I know there are a lot of things I need to change so here I am admitting I need to change things. I'll post weekly updates on how the fitness things go.

One could say these are resolutions but I don't believe in that. I think you can change your life whenever you want to. What are you doing to better your life?

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Linda said...

Congrats on cupcake #2!