Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It isn't funny anymore...

Today I really just want to go back to bed an hide since it's that bad. Let's review, shall we?
  • Wake up late 
  • Body sore from workout yesterday and the Kupcake is wiggling around in my arms.  OUCH
  • Get her breakfast ready (waffles and blueberry yogurt).  Waffles went down fine, it was the yogurt that made a major mess...uggh
  • Sink full of dishes so guess i'm the lucky one who gets to clean those 
  • Did I mention I forgot to make her lunch? Yup, rice is cooking on the stove now.  (just before i left i realized it was done... just burned a few little pieces... oh well)
  • Hubby is ready to go for the day so it's my turn, look at that, i have 10 minutes to get ready.  Wait, i was suppose to leave 10 minutes AGO!.
  • Brush my teeth and face at same time. get dressed and attempt to put make up (takes less than a minute now) and rush into kitchen, make my coffee mug up and toss breakfast in my handbag (breakfast is greek yogurt with banana and blueberries - no it wasn't my daughter's I made a small batch for me to take with).  
  • Kiss hubby and Kupcake goodbye and open the door to find the sprinklers on, great!  I really wanted to get wet before I get in my car. 
  • Get in car to realize I'm out of gas.  When I say out I mean OUT!  I coasted straight to the gas station and think if it wasn't downhill I would have been screwed.  Well, coasted is a strong word since our bridge exit is being worked on so TRAFFIC where there shouldn't be traffic.  yea.  
  • Proceed to get gas, went to a 76 gas station and paid $76!  ~~insert tear~~ oh, you know that coffee mug I made up? well, it's on the countertop at home so i buy some coffee while my car is sucking my savings account away.
  • Drive was okay except for the bus I got stuck behind and the car that swerved THIS CLOSE to my car. Oh, and my transponder to get into our parking garage? It's somewhere in the back seat, the Kupcake was fussy so I tossed it at her yesterday. (tossed = handed it to her) Had to pull over to find it and managed to almost get hit by another car.  
  • Moving on... out of the car and walking into work, realizing how FREAKING chilly it is.  walk fast, almost trip and manage not only spill a little bit of coffee on me.  go me.
  • Work? well, my computer crashed last Friday.  It reverted a report back a few days, I sent it out this morning with old data and didn't realize it.  Got reamed for mistake.  
I think that sums up the fantastic morning I'm NOT having.   I know I probably didn't get it all but you get the point.  Can the rest of the day get any better?

P.S. Just heard my boss make a major mistake...  is it wrong that it actually made me feel better?  HAHA

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