Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hooray for Thursday!

Seriously, I've never been more happy as I was last night to know that the dreadful day I was having was about to end.  The day got worse, I broke the shopping cart on our store, Sandbox Lane, added more stuff to the back-end that took FOREVER, cut ANOTHER finger (I now have 3 cuts on my right hand) and burned something in the kitchen.  Worst day ever!

  Today all I can think about is how great the weekend will be.  There's an Ikea trip, pilates, swim class, family, and even a massage for me!  I want to do a little more gardening too.  (I know, I'm addicted).  I HAVE to sheet mulch an area where we had a crazy amount of crab grass on and decide what I really want to plant there.  This area is a wide open spot.  Hopefully this weekend I can take some photos of it and even of the pretty trellis we put up.  Sadly, I have to go Home Depot or a garden center to get more thingies for my water drip system (like my use of technical words? thingies: noun: means it's a little do-dad that connects to the hose to release water).  I sadly because I cannot bear to go into one of those stores without carrying out plants or trees. 

  Are you addicted to any hobby?  

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