Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Little Miss Klutz

That's what I should rename the blog for today.  If I was in the audience watching my life today, I'd be on the floor laughing my head off (and probably covered in bubble gum and pop corn because you know that's what on the floor when you think of audience, right?).  Life was all well and good when the day started.  The kupcake slept through the entire night in her crib and awake at 630.  She ate her blueberry oatmeal nice and early and we even got a chance to have a good morning.  No rushing at all.  I was ready to be out the door by 8 when I went to pick up my lunch bag and wham, hit my travel mug and my coffee went SPLAT.  16 ounces of sweet goodness otherwise known as Decaf Hazelnut Coffee.  A million F bombs filled my head but none came flying out. I just sighed and started to clean it up all the while the sweet smell permeated the room and the hubby got wind of it.  He moaned and hawed how it stunk (he hates hazelnut, what a weirdo!).  I cleaned it up and with some 7th Generation spray and now the house smelled like herbs.  After the fiasco, I made another cup of delights and ran to work. 

  On the way in, I was caught behind every slow poke out there.  I somehow managed to get to off the freeway without losing my cool and while stuck at the light, I decided to take a sip of my coffee, BURNT my tongue.  EEK!  Moving on, once I got into the office, and got situated, I went off to warm up my oatmeal (I made a big batch Sunday night for the work week).  What did I do this time?  I put it into long and it bubbled over and made a big mess.  Oh, I think somewhere I even dripped almond milk all over the counter tops too.  I'm shocked that I made it to my desk without walking into someone with it. 

  I'm a bit fearful for the rest of the day.  Who knows how I'll survive without making a complete mess.  I'm even afraid for the stairwell, knowing me I'll trip on the last step.   With all this said, I'm still in a good mood.  I think I'm still relishing on the kupcake sleeping through the night all by herself. 

Ever have one of those mornings where you feel like you are just one big hazard sign?

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Linda said...

Oh yes. I have those days. Hope it gets better!