Monday, July 12, 2010

CSN Review... lawn games

  Well, I'm finally back... have soo much to write about but I wanted to tell you all about what we thought about the Bean Bag Toss we got from CSN Stores.   We received the backyard game the night we went into labor and you know me, we ripped it open and played it that night.  Needless to say I lost, kinda hard tossing bean bags while having contractions but can I say this game is addicting.  My friend Sara pointed out that in her neck of the woods it's called Corn Hole (because the bean bags are made of kernels).  This by far was the best thing we could have gotten!!!  We've played tons of games with friends and family since it arrived and the hubby is practically a pro at it by now!   

  One of my favorite things about ordering from CSN is their customer service.  A few days after I ordered it I received an email from a Representative letting me know that they were looking into why it wasn't shipped out, and then a few hours later I received confirmation that it was sent.  It was suppose to arrive on KLM's due date and it ended up coming two days early! The game is well made and easy to move around.  We already started to look at which other lawn games we want to buy from their stores! 

Thanks again CSN for the opportunity to review your services and will definitely be using you when it is time to finally remodel our bathroom

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