Friday, June 11, 2010

38 weeks...

You'd think by this point I'm sick of being pregnant.  I actually like it, even at 9.5 months.  Sure I have the worst back pain since I was a senior in high school and granted my 85 year old grandma could outwalk me right now but still, it's been good. (as I type this, KLM is hiccuping up a storm) One of the things I noticed since being home the last two weeks was my wardrobe and what I wear.  You see, all I can stand wearing now are sleeveless tops.  I don't even remember the last time I wore a tshirt.  Just the idea of putting something on my arms is appalling to me right now.  My addiction even raged into my postpartum clothing went I finally went out and bought some nursing tops.  All tanks.  Yes, it's the summer so maybe that's that prompted it.  Still, you'd think at least one shirt would find it's way in there.  I wonder now if I wasn't pregnant, would I still be wearing tanks day in/day out? 

What are you go to clothes for the summer? 

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Linda said...

I bought 5 new skirts in hopes of actually wearing them this year. But it's still too cold (it's 57 and gloomy as I write this). I'm hoping for some warmer weather!
But I love capris, light summer tops and tank tops too!