Thursday, February 18, 2010

Project 12 - February update #1

All in all, I've been really good on staying on top of this month's theme. I even felt a little guilty for not much for last month's so the next two weeks, I've already made the week dinner menu and did the prep work for all of them.

  • Get up to date on all our travel albums. (we make one album for every trip we take) Currently behind on 2-3.
    Finally tackled our Cruise album, Costa Rica, and Hawaii. Only one left is the NYC/Philly trip we just got back from.
  • Finish our daughter's room (pain side table and her initials for her room)Finished her ititial's for her door:

    Here is the side table:

  • Create a height chart to keep her measurements that we'll be able to take with us if we ever move. Currently working on now
  • Figure out a backing to mini table to hide nasty cords in the living room. YUCK! Haven't touched this one yet.

    Overall, I'm pretty happy with this month and have really enjoyed it. Do any craft projects lately?


    Linda said...
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    Linda said...

    Love the letters and the side table. Have not gotten crafty at all this month!