Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Baby Wipe Challenge

If you've been following us here you would know we try our best to keep our waste down. Now with KLM on her way, we sat down and went through all the things we know would just build up in the landfill and would sit there for years to come. We scribbled a list of alternatives that would not only be reusable but also have a nice side effect of saving some cash.

From regular diapers to reusable ones to what we'll feed our child when it's time. We went through everything and while some suggestions we wrote down just were way out there, others were within reach. One of the things we decided was the diapers, we found them, we started to order them (a few here and there). When they came, we realized we just couldn't do the whole disposable wipe. You know me, I read all the benefits of them as well as cloth ones and honestly, just couldn't do it. So, comes the challenge. Yes, I could buy a grip of them but seriously, we're talking about wipes here, not something you are going to go show the world. The goal of my challenge is to make 100 wipes. Two ply, sewn together (if you follow me on twitter, you know my heartache on this part).

Last night I started the challenge and made two before I once again broke my machine. (I think all sewing machines hate me) Now I need a date end of this project. Hmmm... how bout the beginning of my third trimester? March 27, 2010. I will try to post here and there but am going to add a counter to keep track of my progress. Basically that's 3ish a day. I can do that... right?

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