Saturday, September 1, 2012

A new month a new chance to try...

HELLLLLOOOO SEPTEMBER! Did august just sail by everyone? I feel like so much needed to get done and need two more weeks.  I hope this month I can be more on top of it and get in gear. So goals this month:   - run (or walk) 101 miles -if I keep on track I'll be able to do this   - take 7 crossfit classes (I took one this week and wanted my arms to fall off, so much pain)   - 20 home cooked dinners   - cycle 50 miles (Sunday's are now my cycling day)   - take 6  boxing classes   - revive the garden   - drop one size (5 or so lbs I'm guessing? I just want to get closer to being able to wear my old clothes before the first pregnancy)    - blog at least 3/4 times a week, weekly, two recipes, and random post    - do one craft project (need to make kupcake 2.0 a growth chart)   - get a massage and a facial   - take one mini weekend trip (this will be for a wedding at the end of the month) - make family shoot appt I know some of these seems lofty but if I really stick with my schedule I can do this. Guess we'll see! Time to go run (and walk some) 8 miles!

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