Monday, August 17, 2009

Random thoughts

~the weekend went by too fast for me. i need another two days.
~did i do anything of importance on the weekend? not really, other than try out a new recipe and plan my lunches for the week.
~finally went to the optometrist. i get to get glasses. yea
~i was sooo good about my caffeine addiction and then all of a sudden i fell off the wagon. one should not be able to drink an entire pot by themselves.
~dragging the hubby to the spinning class tonight. i secretly hope he struggles and i can finally beat him in something. i know... i should not wish torture on anyone but seriously, all the cycling i've done in my life and his lack of should give me some edge! :) yes, i'm that petty and competitive sometimes!
~bought some raw agave syrup. pretty tasty. i wonder what i can use it for?
~looking forward to this weekend. lots of fun things lined up! i love endless days at the spa!
~doesn't the title remind of you SNL? okay... it was called "deep thoughts by jack handy" but still makes me chuckle.

1 comment:

Linda said...

i use agave in place of sugar in a lot of things. Mostly desserts and sweet sauces. Yum!