Thursday, March 19, 2009

Things to do before Apr 09 -- Update #1

I know, i'm a slacker on posting. I will try to be better about it.
1. Walk/Run 60 miles (20 done)
2. Cook 15 meals a week (7 down)
3. Save 60% on our grocery bills (61.28% saved so far)
4. Do one craft project (does playing with flowers count? or the garden?)
5. Start saving money for buffet table ( month)
6. Figure out how to work the new camera... this includes uploading photos (figured out how to use it and was uploading photos this morning)
7. Switch dressers with the hubby (thank you for reminding me, will do this soon)
8. Go swimming twice at the gym (...)
9. Do boot camp ONCE (...)
10. Start shopping for wine fridge (oh ya, forgot about this one too)
11. Read a book (i bought one, does that count?)


Linda said...

How are you saving on groceries? Coupons, sales? Got an good tips?

Linda said...

I left you a little something on my blog :)