Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I'm such a little audiophile it's a bit pathetic. I don't even know how many cd's I've owned back in the day... My itunes account is one of the most used programs on my computer. My all time favorite band is U2 followed by Smashing Pumpkins and I love me some old school ska (Skankin’ Pickle, i'm looking at you!). But I do have some closet favorites too, and most of them are in the Pop category.

So before I get into all that, let me just say how excited I am for fall/winter in pop music, all the major names are coming out with albums, P!nk with her rocker pop, Christina with here mega-watt voice pop, Beyonce with here R&B pop, and of course, Britney. Yes, I'm admitting I'm a fan. I know, she's been through a "rough patch" to say the least but I really could care less about her private life, I just love her music! Even to the point all my friends make fun of me but to be honest, it's awesome bubblegum pop that you can dance to on your way home for work and belt them out when no one is looking.

Reason all this is getting brought up is due to the leakage of songs I've heard in the last 48 hours of these artists. How happy am I? Over the moon!

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Linda said...

I like Womanizer. I think I'll be downloading it when it becomes available.