Monday, November 17, 2008

At a loss...

For so many things at the moment... these fires in Southern California are just out of control. (well, both major ones are at least 40% contained) I don't remember anytime growing up down here that we had such a bad fire season like 2008.

I simply can't breathe due to my lovely sinuses and a dash of asthma. And that's just the cake stand. The hubby's parents had to evacuate AGAIN (they are back home as of last night) and the hubby's grandma (did I mention she is 98) lost her home completely. Thank goodness someone was with her and helped evacuate her and move a lot of stuff for her in time.

It's been a rough weekend and I know we're not the only ones down here suffering. For all the other families dealing with all this smoke and fire, and everything else, my heart and prayers go out to you! I hope all of you are safe and sound.

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