Thursday, October 23, 2008


Last weekend I finished my 12th half with my fellow running buddy Kim (or known here as BM Kim) at the Nike Women's (half) Marathon. If there ever was a race you wanted to do, this was it! The expo had free massages, manicures, oxygen bar, and lots lots more! The race was just as cool, with amazing scenery and lots of snacks and volunteers cheering you on. When you finished there were men dressed in tuxes handing you your finisher's medal and it was a Tiffany Necklace!!! It was an absolute blast!! (Oh shout out to the unknown man who stood out more than anyone else by not saying a word but holding one little 3x3 inch sign that read: GO! ...catching you at different spots was priceless!)

Now I'm just INCHING my way to my 300 mile goal for the year!!! I only have 10 more miles to go and have 2 half marathons and a 5k in the next 4 weeks! I know I am crazy. Now if the weather COOLED OFF (instead of hitting 100 degrees) maybe I'd actually train for the next few races!

NIKE Women's Half Marathon
San Francisco, Ca
October 19, 2008

NOTE: Yes,we are wearing the same t-shirt. Interesting fact, it was from the First half we ever ran together years ago! :)