Friday, October 17, 2008


I'm obsessed with halloween. Everyday I'm doing some little crafty project, first I created neat jack-o-lanterns and placed them on a stick to line the pathway to the front door, next were the black bats that are on our front window. Then the spiderwebs... OH THE SPIDERWEBS. IF it ain't moving, you better believe it's be covered with spiderwebs. There are Candles all over the place, pumpkins in every corner and gravestones and skulls scattered inside and outside of the house.

The hubby's favorite thing he wanted this year was a fogger so we got him a standard one at Target. Now, with all this obsession, I realized it might not be the best to blast every little princess or power ranger that come traipsing down our pathway, so tonight I will be building a fog chiller. By going to local hardware store, I also get the opportunity to pick up some more pumpkins... what can i say... I'm addicted to all things Halloween!!

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