Monday, December 28, 2009

Finally coming clean...

Dear anyone who still somewhat comes here,

I'm sorry I've been soo horrible the last three months and not writing at all in here. You see, I've been kinda busy sleeping and resting. At the moment there's a little energy sucker who is residing somewhere in my abdomen. Luckily it's finally learning not to steal all my energy as much and I'm finally able to keep my eyes open longer and not feel like I just ran a half marathon when I just walked twenty steps from my car to the couch. Now that we finally passed the first trimester, I can finally spread the news and blog again.

Thank you for being so patient and sticking around! I pinky swear I will once again start blogging regularly! Oh, how I've missed this!



P.S. I finally fixed the nastiness linkage problems on the blog...

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