Friday, July 18, 2008


The last two weeks have been really hard. With losing someone so close to the hubby and me, and everything at my job, I've been feeling so not myself. No usual smile, no usual pep in my steps. It just feels like something really needs to change. Need to shake life up a bit!

My good friend just sent me this from Dean's blog:


Do you sometimes feel trapped, unable to break free from the chamber that holds you prisoner? Do you long to escape, to be blown free in a blast of warm air, liberated forever from the bowels of containment?

Sometimes the situation seems forever hopeless, I know. But that’s when you need to dig deepest, that’s when you need to continue foraging boldly onward despite the acrid mire and the total darkness. Go to the light. Don’t give up. When all seems lost, never forget…Click here

When I read this, I thought Dean was writing how I felt. Then I clicked and chuckled to myself, and knew hope is not lost!

I think with the events going to conspire this weekend I will break out of my little world more and get back to myself. If i don't do it for me, I'll do it for you dear blog friends!

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*~ Jane ~* said...

Thanks for sharing, I think we all get in our ruts, and there is always a way out. And that video is freaking funny!!!!